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USD Visiting Writers Reading Series

Join the USD Visiting Writers Reading Series for an afternoon with novelist and poet Liz Kay, Friday, February 24, at the University of South Dakota. There will be a craft talk at 2:00 p.m. in Muenster University Center, Ballroom A, and a reading and book signing at 4:00 p.m. in Old Main Farber Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

USD Vermillion

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INTRODUCING Reading Series

Curated by Emily Borgmann, the INTRODUCING Series features established area writers alongside emerging voices from the Youth Emergency Services (YES) community writing program. Tonight's other featured writer will be Lisa Knopp, author of, most recently, Bread: A Memoir of Hunger.

Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center on UNO's campus. Reading is free & open to the public. Parking free and reserved starting at 6:30.

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Booked on 25th Grand Opening, Ogden, UT

147 25th Street, Ogden, Utah 84401

I was just in Utah, but I'm going back to celebrate the grand opening of Ogden's new store BOOKED ON 25TH. I'm so excited to celebrate with owner Marcy Rizzi and the Ogden literary community. There will be a full day of readings and revelry, but I'm on at 5. If you've already picked up your copy of MONSTERS, come out anyway and let Marcy sell you something else. She's going to be a hell of a bookseller and BOOKED ON 25TH is exactly the store that Ogden needs. 

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AIR 11 Presents Inspire

Air 11 Gallery/Bookstore 359 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA

Air 11 presents its first reading, Inspire, as they welcome Liz Kay to the space with a reading alongside LA writers, Jen Hofer, Ashaki Jackson, and Zoe Ruiz.

Come hear Liz Kay will read from her debut novel, Monster: a love story. Catherine Texier, author of Victorine, says this about Monster: “Monsters is smart, witty, hilarious, raunchy, irresistible, and full of crackling dialogue. At its heart, though, the story of an improbable love affair between a Nebraska poet and the hot movie star who optioned her book is a classic, heart-warming, romantic fantasy.” What a perfect read for Los Angeles and Angelenos!

Hosted by F. Douglas Brown

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Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Small Press, Big Love: Publishing Poetry Collections with Independent Presses

As the publishing landscape transforms, and the writing population expands, the role of small presses is becoming increasingly more significant. Join us as we talk with the founding editors of three independent presses about the kind of work they’re looking for; the relationships they cultivate with their authors during the revision and publication process; their innovative strategies for getting poetry out in the world; and the ways they’re actively working to increase diversity. Panelists include Carissa Halston and Randolph Pfaff of Aforementioned, Liz Kay and Jen Lambert of Spark Wheel Press, and Enzo Silon Surin of Central Square Press.

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8:30 PM20:30

Sex, Power, Perspective

Pageturners Lounge       5004 Dodge St, Omaha

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Catherine Texier is the author of six novels and the internationally best-selling memoir BREAKUP. Her latest novel, RUSSIAN LESSONS explores the tumultuous and obsessive affair between a recently divorced mother and a Russian immigrant who both compels and repels her. 

Jen Lambert's work has been published in a variety of journals and anthologies including most recently Pank, The Los Angeles Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, and Raleigh Review. A fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, her current project follows a singular brothel worker as she resists the demanding, defining voices of her family and the men who visit her.

Liz Kay's poetry revisits the story of Hansel & Gretel from the perspective of the witch in an examination of violence, marginalization, and the pursuit of power. Liz is also the author of the forthcoming MONSTERS: A LOVE STORY, about a widowed feminist poet and a toxic affair with the A-list actor who options her novel-in-verse.


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