Paperback version

Paperback version

Poet, Editor, & Novelist

Liz's poems have appeared in such journals as Willow SpringsBeloit Poetry JournalNimrodRHINO, and Sugar House Review. Alongside co-editor, Jen Lambert, Liz is a founding editor of Spark Wheel Press and the journal burntdistrict. 

Liz's debut novel, Monsters: A Love Story, was published in 2016 by G. P. Putnam's Sons.

It is available in paperback August 1, 2017.

You can pre-order it here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Powell's | BAM!

Monsters: A Love Story

Hardcover version  

Hardcover version  

A hilarious debut novel about a perfectly imperfect love story.

Even the smartest people can be stupid at love.
When Stacey Lane writes a feminist take on Frankenstein, she never imagines it will catch the eye of unbelievably sexy Hollywood star Tommy DeMarco. Tommy’s passion for her book—and for her, a recently widowed poet, mom, and certified mess—threatens to turn her life upside down, or maybe right-side up. From their first poolside meeting the two are set on a collision course as they go about making the book into a movie, making each other crazy, and making love, if only in secret. Fueled by desire, love, grief, expertly poured cocktails, and crackling dialogue, Monsters: A Love Story is a witty portrait of a relationship gone off the rails and two people who are made for each other—even if they’re not so sure they see it that way.

“An addictive page-turner, ripe with seduction and charm, that drops insights into this messy, crazy, wonderful thing called love.” — Washington Independent Review of Books

“Entertainingly dyspeptic.” — Vogue

“A perfectly imperfect love story.” — Bookpage