So I have a New Website

Or, more accurately, the website I've had for years has a new look. 

The thing about publishing a novel is that everyone involved is so goddamn professional that I feel like I have to step it up. Luckily, there are professionals involved and they're willing to tell me how to go about doing that.

Last week I had a long conversation with a woman at Writers House who more than walked me through a lot of online and social media things. Also, even her criticisms were gracious and encouraging and did not make me feel like an ass. It would be super easy to make me feel like an ass these days. In large part, this is because every conversation involves me admitting that I don't even know what questions to ask aside from, of course, the clarifying questions that follow the pattern, "When you say XXXX, it means what exactly?"

Anyway, now I have this new website, and to go with it, a newsletter where you can hang in with me during this steep, steep learning process. I'm not entirely sure what all I'll talk about. Writing, definitely. The novel, some. I do know I'm going to send a few poems. I can basically guarantee that there will eventually be some swearing. But you knew that.

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