dancing girl press

Something to Help Me Sleep

A few days ago, I mentioned a persona series I’m working on following the witch in Hansel & Gretel. This is not my first persona series. The first began a few years ago and follows a character named Ella, who my dear friends Sarah McKinstry-Brown and Carrie Helmberger refer to as a dirty, dirty whore. They would know. Not in the way that sounds, but because they workshopped every page of those poems, and they know Ella very, very well. I think of Ella differently. To me she’s lovely and sad. You may notice the fairy tale connection as well. Ella is something of a Cinderella character, and the poems play with images of shoes and glass and ash, though it’s all very skewed. And Ella sleeps around. A lot. Which I don’t think happens in the original. But the most important thing about Ella is that she’s very shortly taking the form of a chapbook, titled Something to Help Me Sleep, from dancing girl press. This is beyond exciting for me as dgp does the most beautiful chapbooks. You should check them out.

In the meantime, you can see a few Ella poems here http://lizkay.net/Poems.html.