It's not even Friday, but your weekly installment of dino-erotica is here

I'm going to be stupidly busy tomorrow and so I'm posting early. Do not take this as a promise that all of your weekly dino-erotica will be arriving early. Dino-erotica can't be rushed, friends. Just kidding! Of course it can. For example, I'm posting this new sonnet despite the fact that the closing couplet is giving me so much anxiety. Can I even write a new sonnet that opens with this last line? I don't know! But I have to. That's how a crown of sonnets works. (I suspect that most crowns are actually composed and revised in a much more deliberate way so as to not crash and burn in public, but where's the fun in that?)



I’ve never known desire as sharp as this.
never woken from a dream into the heat
of a suffocating night, thighs slick with
sweat and need, a pulse that calls out to meet
you, to feel you, to let you feed. I’m not
the kind of woman to crave a tyrant,
thrill to the curved claw, deign to be caught
in the press of those terrible teeth. And yet…
are we not most alive in the places
we are tender? The curved neck, the slender
wrist, the slope of a full breast. For the trace
of your lizard’s tongue I would surrender
to sin—my consort, my king, my ugliest kin—
forsake heaven for any hell I find you in.


Tune in next week for sonnet IV. And follow these links to catch up with sonnets I and II.