Next time, I'm just going to listen to Stephanie

So I am ridiculously excited because after a year and a half of picking at this stupid, stupid novel that refuses to get off the ground, the one that keeps stalling out around 80K words, it feels like I've cracked it. It turns out that it wants to be in 3rd person, which I'd kind of long suspected. But, you know, I had a lot of pages of 1st person and I kept hoping I could salvage passages (salvaging passages is like the worst thing you can do to your novel, but 80K words X multiple drafts...) Also the last time I played around with putting it in 3rd, I tried to do it without changing the structure too much. I wanted to keep the timeline, the plot points (because they were working so well, you know). At the time, I sent a few pages to my friend Stephanie Austin, and she was like, what is this coatroom story? Why don't you start with that? And I was like Jesus, Stephanie, the coatroom was in July, and the novel starts in December, so you're adding like 3.5 months. God, it can't be done. And also, why are you such an asshole, Stephanie?

And then I went back to that first person scene in December and picked at it for another two months. And when I say picked at it, I mean like 75 words a day, and then I'd read those words and think, blech.

So it turns out, the novel starts in the coatroom. And in two days, it hit 6K words, and I love every single one of them. I'm just stupidly in love with this thing. It came out of nowhere. Thank god.