And now it's fall

I feel like the last few months on the blog have been a pretty accurate glimpse into my writing life--although a slightly more accurate glimpse would have involved me logging in every few days to change the paragraphing on all of the old posts. It's been a pretty grueling effort, but the line breaks in my manuscript(s) are looking amazing. Seriously. So, so good. There's some enjambment, some end-stopping. I don't mean to brag, but wow. Good stuff. I also switched some poems around and gave the witch manuscript a TOC. That's like hours and hours of quality writing going on there. It is possible that I may have actually written 2 poems this week. I won't know for sure for a few more days. I mean, I suppose in any case I did write 2 poems. I just don't know yet if I'll be keeping them. It's been a long time, so I'm pretty rusty. Either way, I'm determined that this will be the start of a new phase in which there will be the actual writing of poems on a regular basis. There will probably still not be the regular writing of blog posts. I mean, I could say there would be, but I'd probably be lying.

Fall is usually the time when my writing picks up (because my creativity is much like a 4th grader: it takes the summers off), but this fall has been a little different. This fall, I'm teaching full time. I am super excited about it, but it's a huge change, and I'm just starting to figure out what this means for my energy levels day by day.

I think one positive is the drive time. Funnily enough, I'm teaching out in Fremont. The last time I had a job that came with an actual office and desk was also in Fremont (and the job was not as great but the desk was so, so much nicer--I loved that desk), and one thing I really love about working in Fremont is the drive. It's just long enough to think--maybe thirty minutes, and it's all highway, no traffic. I'm getting a lot of thinking time. I'm hoping this leads to a lot of writing time. We'll see.